I’ve stumbled across two things online related to living more locally, in terms of diet and holiday shopping.

Alex Trevi at Pruned posted a great animated public service announcement (via Super Colossal) from the Japanese government that looks at the health, landscape, and economic consequences of changes in the Japanese diet.  It’s an elegant and stylized look at the ways in which food affects all parts of life and brings up some issues that are often talked about here in Vancouver, but are of course also pertinent in other places that I care about.

The second, shopping related item, is via Richard Layman, a historical revitalization consultant in the DC area.  He posted a letter to staff at an architectural firm (Dreiling Terrone) that does well to point out some of the differences between main street and the mall.  The letter puts forward the great proposition that part of living in the city is accepting that the street environment simply works differently than does the mall, which is both good (surprises and twists) and bad (selection can be choppy, etc…) and that of course we should emphasize the positive.