Urban Journalism


Dan Lorenz at Where has just put up some content on the future of urban journalism.  He figures and hopes that the demise of the traditional newspaper will open up the field for “(j)ournalists in love with the city (who) would breathe new life into how urban issues are covered.”  Awesome, let’s get on with this.  I’d love to see less emphasis on remote national things (though in Canada these are pretty interesting at the moment) and instead, more content looking at the day to day of the cities we live in.

Here in Vancouver, there’re already a couple of sources that do this pretty well.  One is Frances Bula, whose State of Vancouver is, in my mind at least, the number one source on the who, how, why, and what of how this city works.  The other is a more traditional source, the Vancouver Courier, which is actually pretty good at presenting in-depth analyses and back-stories, which have also been helpful for me in getting up to speed on urban issues in Vancouver.


One Response to “Urban Journalism”

  1. neath Says:

    Greatidea for a blog. Cities in Canada have been neglected and ignored by both federal and provincial politicians for much too long, let alone bogged down in their own politically bloated bureaucracies with private agendas galore. We need to start a new dialogue, a creative one, that brings the best ideas to the surface.

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