This blog is an attempt to put together a useful chronicle of all the reading and observing that I do.  I’m an urban planner living in Vancouver BC and I find that I’m often sifting through a whole lot of material of relevance to the built landscape/human habitat/lived environment or however you’d like to put it.  Sometimes I even see and do things myself that may also be ostensibly worthy of recording.

Rather than just accumulate stacks of read or starred items in my Google Reader, or fill endless folders on my computer with interesting reports and documents soon to be forgotten, I thought that I’d put together a site to do the following:

  • Post links to items that strike me, with maybe a sentence or two to set things up;
  • Post pictures I’ve taken over the years and some current and new pictures if I can scrounge up a camera, and;
  • Post lengthier discussions on issues to which I’ve given a bit more thought.

Hope this proves to be a useful and interesting exercise!


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