La vieillification du Vieux-Montréal


I remember hearing in a seminar course once the observation that the west end of Vieux-Montréal is in some ways slightly more ‘authentic’ than the east end.  While this seems true to experience, as the east end (with the place Jacques-Cartier and rue Saint-Paul) are a touch more tourist oriented, this observation went a little further and argued that in the east of Vieux-Montréal, the building stock has undergone significantly more alterations to ‘look more French’, with pitched roofs, etc… along the lines of part of Vieux-Québec.

In the west end, towards McGill Street, the anglification of the building stock, as Montréal became metropolis of a colonial Dominion, with all of the building boom that entailed in the latter half of the 19th century, was left relatively untouched.

Anyways, all this because Spacing Montréal‘s Guillaume St-Jean posted another one of his awesome now-and-then photo montages that shows a rows of buildings on rue Saint-Claude (a block east of place Jacques-Cartier) that received a little roof pitching.  Peut-être on pourraît dire que cette rangée a été refaite au Tremblant.


One Response to “La vieillification du Vieux-Montréal”

  1. guillaume st-jean Says:

    En fait, bien que les toitures à pignon soient absentes sur la photographie de 1947, elles étaient présente sur la photographie de 1915. Il s’agit donc d’une restauration à l’état original.

    Around 1912-2008

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