Burrard Bridge


Gordon Price at Price Tags is on again about better quality crossings of False Creek  for non-motorists.  While his preferred option is a low-level passerelle, the idea of re-allocating some of the space on the Burrard Bridge might be an issue again over the next few years as we have a new Council in Vancouver.  Price offers some good tips to them about how the challenges to such a re-allocation (towards bike lanes) are likely to be more political than technical.

At any rate, I’d love to see such a move go forward.  If anything, I figure that the ideal set up would be two lanes for trams to Arbutus and West Fourth Avenue (another project for another time), one lane for cyclists (three metres divided by two directions), and three vehicle lanes.  When one considers how timid we are about crossing Burrard Inlet (only three lanes on the Lions Gate – which is probably fine), it’s amazing how full tilt the False Creek crossings are: six lanes on Burrard, eight(!) on Granville, and another six on Cambie.  That’s a lot of mega lane-age just to get from Broadway to Davie…


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